About Us

Free Without Surveys was started in 2015 to provide people with a way of trying out legitimate companies products for free – through samples by mail. We gather legitimate companies, usually based in America offering free samples by mail, meaning we are literally providing people with a free source of freebies by mail, but it gets even better than that – we precheck every single sample we post, meaning you’ll never get scammed, you’ll never see a survey, and each freebie will be easy to get, no questions asked.

We don’t, and will never post freebies from fake companies, coupons, or free with survey products (we find surveys rarely actually work for users)  – and that’s a promise we will always have.

Furthermore, we don’t ask for anything in exchange, we do not sell your info, in-fact we actually value our users privacy, unlike most other freebie sites, and anonymize the IP address of each visitor, we also do not sure any 3rd party data stealing programs. Check out our privacy policy if you’d like to learn more

Free Without Surveys is the 3rd sister of Surf4Freebies, and Free Samples Site, all three have different samples posted, and each is unique – we suggest visiting all 3 daily, or subscribing to our email list to never miss your free stuff again.

We hope you enjoy your free stuff by mail, if you ever need help, have a question, or would like to review a product, just leave a comment on the bottom of the post you’re on. Or use the contact us page if you have a specific question.

We are so happy to announce that we are now going to be working with the family-owned brand Ficarro Farms (A U.S.A. Company based on organic and green products for a low price) visit them here (they also write well written daily in-depth articles about various subjects), we will soon be offering free organic samples provided by them so be sure to check back daily for that, because here at Free Without Surveys, we know you want and deserve the best freebies by mail, and we want to give you those freebies, every day of the week.